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 Pokemon World

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PostSubject: Pokemon World   Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:24 pm

With his sunglasses on and a flower tucked behind his ear, pressed back against the warm dirt beneath the shade of a tree, Domitus looked like the epitome of comfortable. He'd spent the night here, camped beneath the stars with just Chic, Vitalia, and Aries for company. It'd been a hot minute since he'd been in town, and it felt like even longer since he'd had more than just pokemon to talk to. He loved his journey, and all, but after he caught his next baby he was going to spend some time in a hotel instead of on the ground.

His nap was over, though. At least, Aries seemed to think so. The pidgey was standing on his head, pecking gently at his forehead, occasionally drawing some hair between his beak and tugging lightly. Domi had tried to swat him off, but each time he did Vitalia shifted against his stomach and shifted uncomfortably. His vaporeon might be a sweet little thing, but she was not one to be woken from her beauty rest without a complaint or two. She'd doused Chic once or twice, and the little fire bird was not a big fan of it.

"I'm up," Domitus finally grunted, shifting and carefully moving Vit over to the dirt beside him where she could take her time to wake up. Pleased with himself, Aries settled onto Domi's now crossed legs and chirped up at him. "Hungry baby?" Another chirp. Should have known! "You'll never be able to take me for a ride if you fatten up before you evolve!" Domi chided playfully, before digging some breakfast out of his pack. Or at least, he'd been about to..

Until he looked up and noticed the Tangela staring him down from the bushes.

Up he jumped, Aries squawking as he was displaced. The Tangela was not about this new development, and was scurrying off as Domi grabbed up his pack and whistled for his three to follow him as he raced off after it. Even if he couldn't catch it, a battle would be good practice for his sweet little Chic!
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Pokemon World
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